What's new at Baivox?


We are a company in search of improving the world by giving real information of the photos and videos published in the Baivox app without the option of being able to be edited, this information being saved in our database for the better consumption of your cell phone memory space, but it can also be downloaded to your cell phone, each photo and video will have? a code which could be searched by the search code option.

The application is completely free, download it at:

The application is completely free, download it at:

It is very easy to use.



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You can enter with your Facebook and Gmail account, be able to take photos and videos with information that you want to appear in the story, the Time and Date will appear by default, both being saved in the database so as not to fill your space on the cell phone , and also with the option to be saved on your cell phone


You can search for friends, make conversations, take photos and videos in real time, all information about it will have a code which can be searched, to confirm its veracity


Said Baivox application will serve as a universal test for any type of information given or received.